BCMA Celebrates Landmark 20th Anniversary Year

Branded content has continued to be the dominant multi-billion-dollar marketing discipline of the 21st century.

The Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) has been at the forefront of this continually evolving sector of marketing communications for the past twenty years.

Established in Soho, London in 2003, it was the forum for brands to meet producers. Thanks to its passionate and diverse membership base, it has grown to become the leading global member association promoting the value of branded content and influencer marketing. BCMA continues to lead the debate on what makes great branded content and influencer marketing, how brands, producers, agencies, platforms, media owners, publishers and content creators can engage audiences for maximum benefit and payback.

More recently the BCMA has focused on the extraordinary growth of Influencer Marketing that is now reaching critical mass, and continues to prove the effectiveness and promote the value of branded content and influencer marketing, through best practice and shared learning.

We look forward to celebrating our landmark 20-year anniversary with you, our wondeful Members.

Branded Content Trends: Meaningful Branded Content

There is a growing trend in brand activism and purpose-driven marketing, with consumers increasingly expecting brands to speak out about important social issues. Recent examples include Nike’s ‘Just Don’t Do It’ campaign, Bodyform’s ‘Womb Stories’ and Brewdog’s Forest, where they will plant one million trees becoming the first carbon-negative global beer business.

The BCMA are committed to producing the best practice guide to Meaningful Branded Content, a manifesto of principles that members adhere to in pursuit of creating and producing the most meaningful experiences in branded content.

We spoke to Jez Jowett, Managing Partner, Content and Partnerships North America and Global Director, Media Creativity at Havas Media Group and BCMA USA Advisory Board member, about the importance of Meaningful Branded Content.

BCMA Influence Global Podcast Series 2, Episode 10

Series 5, Episode 10

Livestreaming Is The Future - And Who Is The Lipstick King?

Erica Yang is the founder and CEO of Real Hype Creative, an Innovation Agency for Creatives and Brands. Erica, was an established Wall Street investment banker before she went into the entertainment world and started her film production and celebrity agency. Her success allowed her to expand and launch Real Hype Creative, an Innovation agency (TikTok parent company ByteDance is an investor), who is disrupting the world of Web3, E-Commerce Live Streaming, Influencer marketing and TikTok Matrix. With offices in LA and Shanghai, Real Hype is bringing future-shaping digital creation models overseas to grow brands and celebrities, including Steve Aoki, Akon, and Segway, just to name a few. Through the power of creative short video content, influencers, and e-commerce live streaming, her agency, Real Hype, is a 'one-stop shop' for global brand marketing, utilising the most cutting-edge technology from Web3, NFTs, Virtual Influencers, the metaverse, and more.

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Latest Trends, Insights & Content From Bulbshare

We've teamed up with Bulbshare to bring you consumer trends, insights and content - direct from the real voices of Bulbshare's always-on global research community. 

Bulbshare brings the world’s biggest brands closer to their customers than ever before. By building always-on global consumer communities, they put customer voice at the heart of operations, enabling more successful products and services with better market fit. 

Bulbshare’s global insight communities drive 1000's of real-time responses every day in over 50 markets worldwide – allowing the organisations they work with to make more agile, reactive and customer-led decisions.

This time: The marketing manager’s future food and drink report

Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Branded Content

BCMA Global research partners, Ipsos have published their latest case studies from the proprietary effectiveness developed in partnership with the BCMA. Referred to as the Branded Content Suite, the measurement tool has three key stages that must be integrated into the management of branded content camaigns; 1) Create; 2) Test & Learn and 3) Measure & Improve.

We've developed the tool to create benchmarks for branded content success. We believe it is imperative that we can offer BCMA members this tool to ensure we evaluate campaigns a homogeneous way.

Thanks to using the same methodology throughout the process, we can achieve consistency in evaluating branded content campaigns. More specifically we can: a) Follow content development through the process; b) Refine the content, optimise it; c) Apply learnings across brands with similar goals.

Branding With Purpose: Interview With Jonny Madderson

Jonny Madderson is the Co-Founder and Filmmaker at JustSo, an award-winning content studio based in London, and a certified B Corporation® agency. is launching a new media property that is dedicated to branded entertainment, longer narratives and engaging storytelling.


Since 2007 they’ve been at the forefront of strategic-led storytelling and new entertainment partnerships.


Working with leading brands, such as Red Bull, Diageo, Toyota, Netflix, Adidas and O2, they are creating powerful branded entertainment in a sustainable and meaningful way.

We spent time with Jonny and the team at JustSo to discuss the topic of how they instill the 'Branding With Purpose' message across the agency and translate this into the client briefs and resulting content they produce. 

The Ultimate Best Practice Guide to Celebrity Brand Ambassadorships

We have partnered with BCMA members, Pickstar to bring your our latest Best Practice Guide. Pickstar lets you choose from thousands of sports stars, celebrities and personalities. Enter your budget, brief and shortlist then stars apply and communicate directly to you through our online platform.

Brand ambassadors have become increasingly important in the digital age where trust is harder to gain. Effective brand ambassadors add credibility to a business and can positively shift the perception of a brand. 


Having a brand ambassador as the face of your organisation is an effective way to build

credibility and tell a brand story. Brands harness the passionate followings of well-known

celebrities and sports stars to drive awareness and sales and create real talking points.

Beer Masters: The Search For Europe's Next Great Beer

Award-winning branded content production company, Electric Robin (part of Banijay) has created Beer Masters. The show is funded by Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev), the world's largest brewer.

Presented by James Blunt and Jaega Wise the homebrewing competition sees Europe's best home brewers go head-to-head across five challenges brewing popular beer styles and taking on creative and technical challenges.

Each episode the beers are judged by top brewmasters and beer lovers with only one team being crowned Beer Masters!

We've spoken to Adam Kaczmarski, Creative Producer at Electric Robin about the hit series, how it came about, how they sold it to the client and what advice he'd give to brands wanting to create entertaining branded content.

Solving The Problem Of The ‘Attention Economy’

Biites is the next generation video and analytics platform. Built from the ground up with transparency and quality as standard, we utilise 1st party data coupled with a best-in-class AI to enhance the user experience, drive deeper brand engagement and create unrivalled performance withinin video distribution.

The year 2022 has been dubbed ‘a defining year for attention’. This focus is deeply needed. Attention has become a scarce resource – a report by Dentsu found only one-third of adverts get the audience’s full attention. Where possible, people will skip ads or look away.

Brands are increasingly fighting for crumbs. The Dentsu report highlights that adverts that are only seen peripherally can be effective. Advertisers seem to be content with this. It’s time for a step-change, not only in how we measure and plan for attention, but also in how brands create strategies with attention at the heart.

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