Code Of Conduct

The Aim of The BCMA

The aim of The BCMA is to promote the adoption of branded content as a marketing discipline by communicating its strengths to the wider market, by influencing those that can shape its development and by increasing its potency through sharing of best practice and knowledge.  The BCMA aims to:


Promote the adoption of branded content as a potent form of marketing:

  • Assist with the growth of the branded content sector capitalising on the need to create and deliver great entertainment across all platforms


Actively represent all branded content disciplines through key international industry events, with trade bodies and relevant lobbying organisations.


Communicate the strengths of branded content to a wider audience:

  • Develop best practice and setting of industry standards within branded content

  • Promot the value of branded content through effectiveness


Local Affiliates

As a global organisation, The BCMA aims to address and promote the diverse ways in which to position key brands alongside prime content, including in innovative and unexpected new arenas.


To assist it in doing this The BCMA intends to appoint local affiliates under Chapter agreements.  The aims of all affiliates will be to represent The BCMA's aims in such territories where the affiliate is based, plus to form part of the international network of members and member companies.


Local affiliates will help develop a network of industry professionals interested in branded content and the specific issues pertaining to specific territories and as part of the whole associate.  The BCMA will enter into affiliate agreements with each local affiliate that will set out the exact obligations of each local affiliate.


However, the affiliates will help promote The BCMA by participation in international events and activities and the affiliate will be the representative body for their own territory as well as the association as a whole. 


Representation at International Conferences

The BCMA will be responsible for representation of members and affiliates at international trade events except where prior agreement give to an individual member or affiliate to represent The BCMA as a whole. 


The BCMA will support members and affiliates with initial set up, advice and guidance plus Executive/Advisory Board formation.   The BCMA will provide formats and templates where required (e.g. website), links to the international BCMA website and links to a member's area for all affiliates.


The BCMA will provide style guidelines for communications and will facilitate shared resources whether research, press coverage, members offers, discounts, association links wherever possible.  The BCMA will forward all potential members and specific enquiries or territory business to appropriate affiliate.


Summary of Member's responsibilities:

  • To abide by The BCMA Constitution

  • To inform and work closely with The BCMA (to further the aims of The BCMA in the relevant territory)

  • To take part in specific events in their territory as agreed between the affiliate and The BCMA

  • To take part in producing resources, publications and guidelines of benefit to The BCMA

  • Promote The BCMA's aims in their territory

  • Share territorial market knowledge with The BCMA for the benefit of all members of The BCMA

  • To uphold and ensure compliance with The BMCA's branding rights as notified to the member from time to time

  • Liase with all other relevant trade bodies on behalf of The BCMA's members as required by The BCMA from time to time

  • Research and development of best practice and legal recommendations for territory

  • To ensure that campaigns and marketing activities comply at all times with the latest applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice in their territory (including rule in the relevant territory relating to transparency of marketing)

  • Members (whether marketeers, publishers or owners of other media) should ensure that marketing communications are designed and presented in such a way that it is clear that they are marketing communications

  • When conducting influencer marketing, all members must ensure that all social media followers, likes, shares, comments and other engagements are genuine and not gained through unacceptable means to enhance potential commercial value

  • Members should ensure that influencer marketing is conducted in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and industry best practice (or relevant codes) including to ensure disclosure, clear and consistent labelling, declaration of relationships between parties and absence of misleading claims or content

  • Members shall deal fairly, honestly and in good faith with the BCMA, other members of the BCMA, other trade bodies, suppliers, clients and the public

  • Members shall ensure that all their marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest, truthful and not misleading or open to interpretation (going back to The ICC Marketing code from 1937

  • Members shall not do anything which is detrimental to the reputation of The BCMA

  • Members shall ensure that they do not participate in any discriminatory behaviour on the grounds of gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability or any other form of discrimination