BCMA is a practitioner led organisation and relies on the expertise of the leading branded content and influencer marketing thought-leaders

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association South Africa Chairma Spero Patricios

Andrew Canter

Global Chairman

Andrew is the Global Chairman of the BCMA and is amongst the leading practitioners in branded content and has thirty years of experience working in marketing communications. He has been instrumental in developing the Global Content Monitoring Tool in partnership with leading global research company, Ipsos MORI, that has been widely used by the industry. Andrew is Honorary Professor at the School of Arts and Digital Industries, University of East London – the first Professor of Branded Content and has taught at the Met Film School. He also lectures in Branded Content Marketing and regularly speaks at major international conferences. He is Co-Author of the academic study, Defining Branded Content for The Digital Age and author of several other publications, including Fifteen Years, A Branded Content Story, and Twenty Years, Another Branded Content Story, bringing together 55 leading industry experts.

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association South Africa Chairma Spero Patricios

Tony Laskar

Global CEO

Tony is the Global CEO of the BCMA with a focus on driving industry best practices worldwide and expanding its network of industry leaders covering all aspects of branded content and influencer marketing. Tony will be working closely with Andrew Canter, Chairman of BCMA to deliver on our goals. Tony is also Founder & CEO at Audience2Media with operations in the UK and Asia. He developed unique ad targeting platforms covering 95% of the online population and currently leads the way for the influencer marketing sector with access to 134m+ social media influencer profiles, aligning consumer interest data with  content creation delivering engaging and culturally relevant campaigns.


BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association South Africa Chairma Spero Patricios

Aimée Anderson

Global Managing Director

Aimée is the Global Managing Director of the BCMA. She has worked as a senior marketeer for over 20 years, building and advising some of the world’s most iconic brands through storytelling. She is a dynamic C-Suite executive with a track record of leading both in-house and agency teams. Having specialised in film and TV for the last 15 years, working with Netflix, Disney, Universal Studios and Sony as well as independent filmmakers, Aimée is extremely well-versed in the production space. She founded Triple A - ACCESS ALL AREAS Ltd in 2016 – a global agency which specialised in helping brands create revolutionary content through pioneering entertainment partnerships in film and television, where brand partners turn their sponsorship budgets into equity investments. A standout partnership the agency facilitated was with tech giant HP Inc and the movie MANTO.

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association South Africa Chairma Spero Patricios

Gordon Glenister

Global Head Of Influencer Marketing

Gordon is Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA. He is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional; who has worked with a number of recognised businesses over the years including many household names. Gordon's main area of focus is membership, influencer marketing and promotional merchandise. Gordon is heavily involved in the Influencer Marketing sector, and helped launch, BCMA Influence, the first global chapter dedicated to influencer marketing. Gordon hosts Influence Global Podcast and recently penned a book on influencer marketing strategy.

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association South Africa Chairma Spero Patricios

Rebecca Allen

Global Board Director

Rebecca is a Global Board Director at the BCMA. She also heads up the BCMA UK Chapter and Chairs the BCMA Global Brand Council. SHe has 20+ years of industry experience helping digital marketing businesses successfully scale and their leadership teams thrive. She holds several Non-Executive Director and Advisor positions and is Chair of the Board of Positive News. Rebecca is passionate about the online marketing space and its evolution, with particular expertise in content marketing and its distribution through smart technology and social media.

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association South Africa Chairma Spero Patricios

Yasmin Akhtar

Member Services Executive

Yasmin is the Member Services Executive at the BCMA and has a wealth of experience and knowledge as an Executive in the public and private sectors both in the UK and abroad. Yasmin's career spans across various sectors including NGO’s, sport, central government and most recently she was appointed as the Chief of Staff of Staff for a Data Tech start-up company. Throughout Yasmin's career she has embraced the opportunity to streamline operational processes and contribute directly to the organisational strategy and decision making. Drawing on her wealth of experience, Yasmin continues to champion the importance of membership organisations as a cornerstone for success by providing excellent customer service to the team and its members.