S6 Ep15: The Evolution Of Influencer Marketing Ft. James Erskine 

James Erskine is the Group CEO of ROCKET, specialising in telling brand’s story through creating, producing and marketing content to a children’s, youth and parent focused audience. Branded content, content marketing, advertiser funded programming, brand funded partnerships, integrated sponsorships, call it what you want, James has created, produced, managed and distributed it across all media over the last 12 years in media, marketing and communications. Over that time he's worked on hundreds of campaigns and integrated advertising, sponsorship, PR and promotional activity. The campaigns he's worked on have launched products, increased basket size, won awards, driven subscription, encouraged data capture, demonstrated CRM and always demonstrated a solid return on investment.

Nottingham Trent University

Pioneers of a Student Influencer Marketing Project

Nottingham Trent university worked with the BCMA to create an influencer marketing strategy project for their 450 marketing students.  Global Head of Influencer Marketing, Gordon Glenister approached the University with the idea and helped enlist 20 brands in 2022 and 30 brands in 2021.  Top influencer search platform Influencity enabled the students to have access for a limited time frame.

Students engaged with the brands on zoom calls to ensure that the brand brief was on point.  Gordon and Andrew gave presentations to students to ensure they had a good understanding of the sector and what makes a successful campaign.