The BCMA sets industry standards for the research of branded content and influencer marketing.

Academic Study: Defining Branded Content For The Digital Age

With little academic work undertaken in branded content, we felt it was critical for the BCMA to lead the industry in order to develop a clearer understanding of this important marketing concept and define branded content for the digital age.

We realise that defining branded content is a real challenge and continues to be a topic ofmuch discussion and debate around the globe. We believe it is crucial to continueour important work in this area for the benefit of our members and brandedcontent practitioners alike.

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Branded Content Research Hub: Governance Project

We partnered with the University of the Arts London to create the Branded Content Research Hub. The Hub explores content that is funded or produced by marketers. Our hub examines branded content practices and regulations, engaging international academics, industry practitioners and civil society.

We are also an Industry Partner for the

Branded Content Governance Project.

This international research project examines the regulation, policies, practices and communications surrounding brand-funded content. This includes sponsored content, native advertising and influencer marketing.

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What Influencers Really Want

Influencer marketing has rapidly developed from activities that were almost imposed on companies by unexpected market conditions, driven by two key factors:


  1. Widespread diffusion of social media platforms and their ubiquity due to the acceleration in mobile device technology.
  2. Birth of personalities/celebrities able to attract substantial audiences by exploiting the full potential of these new platforms.


This exclusive BCMA report in partnership with Whalar, surveyed 250 Influencers/Content Creators to understand the main challenges faced and what changes they'd like to see across the industry.

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BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association 15 fifteen years of branded content story book