Proprietary BCMA/Ipsos Measurement Tool

The BCMA/Ipsos proprietary measurement tool is an essential tool for brands, agencies, production companies, platforms and media owners for planning and evaluating branded content and influencer marketing campaigns.

We have worked in partnership with Ipsos for many years, and in 2017, the BCMA launched the Branded Content Suite with Ipsos and believes it remains the best tool in the market for assessing and measuring branded content and influencer marketing.

There is now a library of 40+ case studies that form a Benchmark for Branded Content effectiveness.


Proprietary Measurement Tool

"It's usually very hard to retrospectively determine the impact of a campaign when the target audience, like ours, is so difficult to reach. What the BCMA measurement has given us is real insight, not only into whether our target audience liked the campaign or not, but how different elements made them feel towards our brand, and which messages were coming across strongest."

HSBC Group Head of Marketing

Insight & Planning 

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