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The Real Life Barbie Doll

Ruth Handler watched her daughter Barbara at play with paper dolls, and noticed that she often enjoyed giving them adult roles. At the time, most children's toy dolls were representations of infants. Realizing that there could be a gap in the market, Handler suggested the idea of an adult-bodied doll to her husband Elliot, a co-founder of the Mattel toy company. Sparked by this, Ruth wanted to create a doll that would show little girls they could be anything they wanted to be and that a ‘woman has choices’. On a trip to Europe in 1956, Ruth saw a doll that looked like an adult woman, vastly different from the baby dolls most little girls owned, including Barbara. Ruth was inspired. Three years later, on March 9, 1959, at the American International Toy Fair, Mattel's version, Barbie Millicent Roberts, was born. Barbie quickly became a global icon and consistently remains among the most recognizable personas in the world.

This was an exclusive interview recorded for the BCMA panel Back to the Future of Branded Content With Mattel at the Cannes Lions Entertainment festival.

BCMA All Time Top 20 Branded Content Campaigns

To mark its 20th anniversary, the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA), the leading global authority on branded content and influencer marketing, has published a new report featuring the All Time Top 20 Branded Content Campaigns. Working with Sir John Hegarty, Chairman of Electric Glue and in consultation with members we bring you the ultimate list of the best examples of extraordinary, branded content ever produced.BCMA spent countless hours and consulted with many industry experts amongst the BCMA membership to arrive at the final list from the thousands of examples of outstanding branded content campaigns. It is no real surprise that Red Bull sits at the summit of the list with its extraordinary Stratos campaign, which saw Felix Baumgartner free-fall from the edge of Space. The energy drink has been at the forefront of exhilarating and engaging content for many years.

BCMA Influence: Exclusive Launch Party – Mahiki Mayfair

We celebrated the launch of the new global chapter, BCMA Influence for Influencer Marketing A wonderful mix of BCMA members and guests joined us to celebrate the launch of the new global chapter dedicated to Influencer Marketing. BCMA Influence has been launched in recognition of the challenges that brands face in this often-complex sector. The business of Influencer Marketing has grown exponentially, with an ever-increasing number of brands entering the market. BCMA Influence will focus on producing best practice guides and extending its accreditation scheme to give additional confidence to brands that are planning to engage with Influencers as part of their marketing strategy. The event benefitted NABS which is the support organisation for the advertising and media industry. Venue Partner: Mahiki Mayfair, 1 Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LD In association with: Whalar, Influencer Intelligence, Buzzoole, Talent Village, Raindance, Onalytica, Influencer DB, Influence Podcast, Tagger Media, Sumo Creative and Electric Robin

Video produced by Electric Robin

BCMA Panel: The Holy Trinity - Brands Talent & Data

Brands using talent is nothing new. From the earliest days of Hollywood in the 1920’s, movie stars were mobbed when they appeared in public. Brands saw the opportunity to associate with the new icons of popular culture in order to sell more products.Today, the world of celebrity endorsement, has exploded with the rapid and continued growth of Influencer Marketing and the power of the ‘Reality’ genre across major global broadcast networks. Social media has enabled high-profile celebrities to launch their own brands.There has also been an increasing number of effective brand and talent partnerships which have reaped great reward, e.g. George Clooney and Nespresso, Kanye West and Adidas, Rhianna and Puma, Roger Federer and Rolex.The most successful partnerships are those that are a ‘natural fit’, but how does data inform these decisions? What insights should brands be focusing upon when deciding to take this route to market? How can brands maximise their return on investment when developing talent partnerships?We have brought together Roman Kemp, Capital FM’s breakfast show host, Sarah Leccacorvi, Head of Content and Marketing Communications at O2 and Matt Lench, Founder of The One Partnership, an integrated agency mergingdata driven insight and creativity to optimise the value of talent over the long term to share their views on the best way to approach this often challenging area of branded content.

BCMA Brazil: Thought Leaders - Juan José Posada

We hear from Juan José Posada, Executive Creative Director Geometry Global LATAM in Mexico City and Board Member of the Branded Content Marketing Association - BCMA South America.He talks about all things branded content.

Branded Content Trends: Meaningful Branded Content With Jez Jowett

There is a growing trend in brand activism and purpose-driven marketing, with consumers increasingly expecting brands to speak out about important social issues. Recent examples include Nike’s ‘Just Don’t Do It’ campaign, Bodyform’s ‘Womb Stories’ and Brewdog’s Forest, where they will plant one million trees becoming the first carbon-negative global beer business. The BCMA are committed to producing the best practice guide to Meaningful Branded Content, a manifesto of principles that members adhere to in pursuit of creating and producing the most meaningful experiences in branded content.We spoke to Jez Jowett, Managing Partner, Content and Partnerships North America and Global Director, Media Creativity at Havas Media Group about the importance of Meaningful Branded Content. Here’s what he had to say…

BCMA Spain: FOCO - An Inspirational Tool

We hear from Roger Casas-Alatriste, VP of international relations BCMA Spain and Founder and Director at El Cañonazo Transmedia along with colleagues, Sunde J. Sastre, Founding Partner | Creative Consultant CØLLAGEJuan Miguel Lapido, Global Design Director at Condé Nast Creative Studio CNXIván Ramos, Head of Innovation WINKChema Cuesta, Creative Director The&Partnership SpainMiguel Escribano, Founder Executive Producer HAROLD Entertainment FOCO, acronym for Content Formats: a guide developed by the BCMA Creation and Innovation Commission that proposes its own classification of the different formats (140) that can be used in a Branded Content project. FOCO is a tool for consultation and inspiration, on the multiple forms that a brand's content and entertainment productions could take. It is the first guide of its characteristics that exists in the world. It aims to shed light and define concepts with greater precision in the professional field of Branded Content. Available at https://foco.bcma.es/

BCMA DACH: Coca Cola - The Original Way On Amazon

This is the story of the Coca-Cola branded content campaign, The Original Way On Amazon, one of the first content formats on VOD (Video on Demand). Featuring David Incorvaia, Founder of LURE, Hugo Heimpel, Head of Production, LURE, Margret Knitter, Partner at legal firm, SKW Schwarz. The discussion was moderated by Sandra Freisinger-Heinl, Chair of BCMA DACH.

BCMA South Africa: Thought Leaders - Odette van der Haar

Spero Patricios, President of BCMA South Africa talks to Odette van der Haar, a Businesswoman, Marketing & Advertising Expert and TV Personality. Odette is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in business management, marketing and advertising, in front of and behind the camera. Skilled in business leadership, strategy, marketing and management across all disciplines including digital marketing and tv production. They talk all things branded content.

BCMA India: In Conversation With Raktim Das - TV9 Studio

Karnvir Mundrey, President of BCMA India talks to Raktim Das, Chief Operating Officer of TV9 Studio (Digital & Broadcasting) at TV9 Network based in Delhi. Raktim is a media business professional with 22 years of experience spanning leadership roles in Strategy, Marketing, Advertising Sales Management, Events and Branded Content. They talk all things branded content.

BCMA Canada: Candid Chats looks back on 2020

BCMA Canada introduces Candid Chats - a series where we will speak to members of the BCMA about concerns, topics and issues that we are all thinking about. We hear from Haem Roy, President of BCMA Canada and Rebecca Herr as they review the year of branded content.

Pitch Influence 2020 - Winner, Agency or Platform: Socially Powerful

The Agency/Platform winner of Pitch Influence 2020 was Socially Powerful, a company founded by social natives, their journey began at the dawn of Facebook and YouTube, creating their own content and telling the stories they wanted people to hear. https://sociallypowerful.com/

Pitch Influence 2020 - Winner, Content Creator: Alfie Sajir

The 'Content Creator' winner of Pitch Influence 2020 is Alfie aka QuantumCaza. He is the only Coffee Vlogger in London and creator of the Coffee Vlogger Genre on YouTube.From Alfie's YouTube channel: "I am 22 years old and I currently reside in North London, UK. My goal with this channel is to go beyond my limits to learn, grow and never give up on my dreams. I don’t want to live an ordinary life living behind a desk watching life go by until the very end. I want to live my life to the fullest and I hope that before I die, I get to inspire at least one person who watches my videos."

Which brands have set the gold standard for globally engaging marketing campaigns?

What do Red Bull, GoPro and Santander marketing campaigns have in common? According to Andrew Canter, they're the marketing strategies to copy. The Global CEO of Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA), Andrew Canter, introduces the brands that have transformed their image through clever uses of managed experiences and content marketing, and why that is so vital today.Produced by HotTopics https://www.hottopics.ht

Branded Content Day 2019

Nemorin Film & Video, in partnership with the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) and The Drum, is organising a one-day celebration of all things branded content at the Curzon Soho, London on 20 November. Branded Content Day will showcase the best branded content from around the world, from print to film and everything in between, including screenings and insights from many of the best practitioners in the industry today. Topics will include technology, return on investment (ROI), the broadcast/branded content crossover, print publishing and much more. For more information see https://brandedcontentday.com