Lationos Global Spend $2trillion, Yet Under-Represented Says Hispanic Icon Claudia Romo Edelman

By Gordon Glenister

A veteran of Cannes Lions Claudia Romo Edelman, took the stage for her 18th appearance at the French Riveria.  Founder of We are all Human she is delighted to see more diversity of voices for the latino community over the years and so therefore there is more interest for marketers. This is not about charity or corporate social responsibility anymore minorities are becoming majorities. 

Romo says “I came to Cannes to launch a story, its called the Hispanic sentiment story which is a comparative analysis that we started in 2018 and now we have the 2023 results. We are able to see how these massive communities call them what you will, Hispanics, latinos etc, is feeling after Covid, after Trump, after the recession, after Brexit, after all these things.  And what we see is an alarming and not surprisingly I have to say more and more latinos are feeling excluded from American culture.

We don’t see ourselves represented by big brands. We don’t see our values shared or celebrated in media and we feel 10 points more undervalued than we did 5 years ago. However what is growing is our wallet and purchasing power, our youth is growing, we are more people, we are more profitable, and therefore more consumers. We are more united and proud than ever before. So what does that mean.  It means that whereas latinos were hiding in the shadows, more and more are coming out with confidence. We are starting to see rising language usage eg Spanish is on the rise by almost 17 points over the last 5 years.

There is so much culture and social values that drive Latinos, for example food, music and even values like hard work that define ourselves.  This is a perfect roadmap for big brands and the media to understand you want us to talk to you through your culture, your values and not through old stereotypes like you are a narco.  For example the number 1,2 3, 4 and 5 music pop charts globally are from Latino artists.

Those brands that are embracing this are not only representing outwardly but are doing this inside, in otherwards hiring latinos and promoting them to senior positions so that latinos can feel themselves and they are not micro aggressed or put aside for their accents. This happens a lot in fact 76% pretend not to be latinos for fear it may harm their career so if you are Jorge you take on George as your name.

We made history this week says Romo and the dam is going to break, I just want brands to think about Latinos in the way they talk about Ai

Marketers are driven by stats and dataand the numbers don’t lie. If there issignificant rise in the wallet spend of

a latinos, it would be foolish to avoidthis demographic in ad representation.

Its over $2 trillion says Remo according

to a report

Influencers can help our cause so theybecome Factivists – reminding brands of this data. The latino community are creative infact many are influencers and contentcreators. With Ai coming It’s soimportant we don’t widen the digitaldivide, in other words, we get trained to use these technologies and notcontinue being underrepresented or

marginalised. And we give them thevisibility they deserve. Its alsoimportant we educate the brands the

consumers alike. Latinos after all are20% of the population.