South Africa is a rapidly expanding market for branded content. The South African BCMA Chapter has been established by a leading group of practitioners and include like-minded professionals who are passionate about all things content.  The use of branded content is growing exponentially & we believe that engaging with other chapters around the globe is a good way to share & at the same time learn.


Influencer / Content Creator £249.00

Individual £500.00
Small (2 - 49 employees) £1,500.00

Large (50 + employees) £2,000.00

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association South Africa Chairma Spero Patricios


BCMA South African Chairman

MD, Launch Factory

  • Spero is recognised as an advertising heavyweight.

  • Over 30 years of industry experience.

  • An accumulation of numerous awards including Loeries, London International, New York as well as Greek Businessman of the Year which was awarded by ex-South African president Nelson Mandela.

  • Spero was responsible for Launching Coca Cola in Dubai, Bahrain & Dubai when Coca Cola was introduced to the Middle East.

  • Member of the highly acclaimed Loeries Awards Committee, South Africa’s premier awards ceremony and in 2006 was

  • Elected to sit on the Loeries Awards chairing the experiential category.

  • A founding member & Chairman of the Experiential Association of South Africa – EXASA

  • Over 30 years experience in the South African advertising industry.
  •  internationally recognised agency involement.
  • Extensive international travel on behalf of major players in the retails industry to keep abreast of trends and developments, from an advertising and store innovative perspective.
  • Familiar with the modus operandi of a broad spectrum of commerce and industry ranging from retailing to the hospitality industry, consumer goods & household products.
  • Retroviral has made more brands ‘go viral, globally’ than any other agency in Africa.

  • Retroviral is the lead creative agency for the Smashburger brand; Russell Hobbs, Martin & Martin brands, & M-Net, to name a few.

  • Mike has developed campaigns classified as 'truly viral' (Nando's Last Dictator Standing).

  • Named one of the Mail & Guardian's top 200 young (under 35) South Africans in 2013

  • Co-founder of influencer marketing platform

  • Jenna has been with Red Cherry since 2002.

  • Currently Head of business Development, Sales & Operations- previously filling the roles of Managing Director & Sales Director.

  • Prior to Red Cherry she worked in advertising and media agencies in media, on a number of well-known local and international brands.

  • Lynn heads up Creatrix, a multicultural, multilingual production company, specialising in branded storytelling for the mass market.
  • She has published & performed children's audio & picture books and is in the throes of writing an outrageous adult novel under the auspices of The University of the Witwatersrand.
  • A seasoned publishing, content, social media & digital marketing expert.

  • Consultant to numerous agencies such as Cerebra & Promise, & clients such as InvestecCareer highlights such as establishing the MTN Group’s social media policies, guidelines & strategies across 22 Opcos.

  • Winner of over 16 Assegai, New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards & a Loerie Craft Certificate; gold, silver & bronze.