Talent Village: Break The Virus

Talent Village: Break The Virus

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#BreakTheVirus: Talent Village launches the 1st Instagram Facemask filter endorsed by nurses, after uniting hundreds of models, actors, musicians & other talent to unite against Covid-19 

Talent Village has launched the 1st Facemask filter on Instagram, endorsed by nurses in order to continue driving awareness to WHO’s ‘Stay at home’ message to save lives. This gold, bling, augmented reality version of what has now become a more than common sight when stepping outside takes a gamified and fashionable approach to social distancing each time someone shares a selfie of themselves wearing the mask on their Instagram story.

French model & nurse Aurelie Lacombe was the inspiration behind the initiative and has endorsed these efforts whilst volunteering at her local hospital during this crisis, she said:

Now more than ever we need to follow the rules and stay inside. By wearing this mask, we are able to help promote social distancing and encourage everyone to follow their government guidelines, so we can maximise our efforts and build a better future, together.”
Four weeks ago, Talent Village launched Break The Virus, a global movement which has united more than 300+ talent who have demonstrated their crafts in order to help educate and entertain everyone whilst in isolation which has produced over 4,000+ minutes of content.
We are living in an era where people have never been so isolated physically while being hyper-connected digitally. As a result, we have seen a massive spike in live broadcasts in particular – the challenge for users increasingly becomes filtering through poor from rich content. As actors of the industry, we believe it is our duty to help provide isolated users with higher quality ‘edutainment’ offered by true talent .” William Soulier, CEO of Talent Village
For more information please contact: enquiries@talentvillage.com