Takumi: Kellogg’s Special K #PoweringYou

Takumi: Kellogg’s Special K #PoweringYou

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Special K is one of Kellogg’s’ biggest global brands, famous for its nutritional value including iron, protein and vitamin D.

01 THE CHALLENGE: Refreshing an image

Historically, Special K has been positioned as a ‘diet’ brand, running advertising campaigns such as ‘Drop a jean size’ and ‘The Special K diet’. In recent years attitudes around nutrition have changed, as has the way businesses communicate with women regarding their bodies. As a result, Kellogg’s wanted to refresh Special K’s image while still conveying the nutritional benefits of the product and reinforcing its status as a healthy alternative.

02 THE SOLUTION: #PoweringYou

As a part of an omnichannel campaign, Takumi was responsible for social activation and content creation. Takumi activated 140 content creators and influencers, with feeds focusing on a wide range of interests including fashion, art, beauty, travel, food, sports, fitness and parenting. Each created content showing their Special K breakfast, demonstrating how the product powered them in their day-to-day, whatever they had planned.

03 THE RESULT: Authentic voices – quality content

The influencer campaigns proved highly successful, promoting the nutritional benefits of Special K while reminding people that it is still a delicious food. In total, 171 pieces of content reached a total of over 4.7m users, with an average engagement rate of 2.6 percent – much higher than the brand would usually achieve on its own channels.

The campaign provided Kellogg’s with a suite of high quality assets to support #PoweringYou, as the partnership with Takumi grants them global digital rights to re-use any of the campaign images. Kellogg’s repurposed content across their own channels in a cost-effective and time-efficient way, and saw engagement rates reach as high as 10 percent – dwarfing the 1 percent that the brand’s own content would normally achieve.

As an end to end service, Takumi sourced and briefed all the influencers and also managed the postage, tracking, and delivery process to ensure each individual influencer received the right Special K product on time. This allowed Kellogg’s to outsource the significant time and resource required, considering the large number of influencer accounts and products involved.

Special K has a long history of working with celebrity ambassadors, so partnering with social influencers felt like a natural progression. The goal was to get real people behind the campaign and drive the new positioning. Since we knew that assets created by Takumi’s influencers tended to generate impressively high engagement rates, it was a simple decision. As a tactic, it’s added an extra layer of authenticity to our message and was a key component in our campaign roll out.

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