Beer Masters: Outstanding Branded Content By Electric Robin

How did the idea come about?

Adam Kaczmarski: At Electric Robin we’re constantly developing ideas across many different genres, for broadcasters and for brands, both proactively and based on specific briefs. And a competition format about beer was an idea that we’d had brewing for a little while.  


How did you sell it into the agency/brand? 

AK: We had a meeting with the team at The StoryLab. We’d gone in to discuss a totally separate format and during that meeting it was mentioned that one of their clients – ABInBev – had ambitions to create an entertainment format that celebrated (and elevated) the craft and skill that goes into making great beers. 


So, we sent across our top-line treatment, were invited to several pitch meetings with agency and client and after lots of collaborative discussions around specific format points between all parties we had the green-light from the client to go ahead and make the show: 

Beer Masters - The Search for Europe’s Next Great Beer. 5 teams of amateur brewers from across the continent go head-to-head with the ultimate prize of having their winning brew produced and sold commercially.


How long did it take to develop?

AK: Projects like this always have some degree of development all the way through the process. And going from the very first top-line treatment to transmission took longer than originally intended due to needing to pause production for some time during the pandemic. But in ‘normal’ circumstances it would have taken about 12-months from concept to finished series. 


What would your advice be for someone considering this type of branded content?

AK: Have faith and stay true to the key format points, because factors like talent, contestants, the title of the show, distribution platform, locations etc. etc. might have to be revised due to situations beyond anyone’s control. But, as long as the rationale for why you want to make this type of content remains, you’ll deliver something that’s authentic, has a defined purpose and - most importantly - prioritises engaging the audience above all other factors.  

And please feel free to contact us at Electric Robin (or myself directly via email) if you have ambitions to create this type of content because we’d love to help you develop some ideas!  


Is there anything you would change about the show?


AK: Yes, but most of those things are to do with limits to some of our initial ideas that were a result of travel restrictions and mass gatherings etc. that everyone’s had to deal with over the past 18-months. 


What is the one thing that you've learned from this process?

AK: That sometimes production challenges can actually result in a better end product. The pandemic and it’s effects necessitated greater preparation and the team that made it to have an even greater knowledge of the process - making the eventual filming process easier although still challenging.

It also reminded us of the fact that the production talent we work with consistently amaze with how they prepare, problem-solve and find solutions to the most challenging sets of situations and circumstances. 

The wider team that helped us put this together – from production mangers, casting, logistics, crew etc. – were phenomenal.  It’s a credit to the industry that we have people this talented and dedicated creating this level of content and allowing brands to be the commissioners of premium entertainment ideas like this. 

Adam Kaczmarski, Creative Producer, Electric Robin

Adam Kaczmarski is an award-winning creative content producer working in the UK and International markets. He has developed content for major sports sponsorships and activations, as well as creating Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP) and Branded Content.

He has been involved with format development and project management for high profile productions. His accolades include, Campaign Big Awards 2019 - Best Branded Content - Freddie v Freddie

Kinsale Shark 2019; Media Week Gold Award 2012 (Media Idea - Launch) for ESPN/Budweiser FA Cup Campaign.

For more information please visit Electric Robin (or contactAdam, directly via email)