Interview with BCMA Scandinavia Chair Jan Godsk

Interview with BCMA Scandinavia Chair Jan Godsk

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This is the latest in a series of interviews by BCMA UK Advisory Board member Justin Kirby has been conducting as part our Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) partnership. We are syndicating the interviews with BCMA members and partners, and the latest is with branded content consultant, serial award juror and chair of our Scandinavian Chapter Jan Godsk. Justin spoke to Jan along with other industry experts as part of his WTF is branded content? It’s complicated article for Contagious. We’ve included the full interview here as part of a series that Justin hopes will prompt further discussion about what branded content is and isn’t, and how is it is different from branded entertainment, content marketing and all the other related terms being bandied about like native advertising.

Jan and I discussed how the various creative awards differ in their definitions of branded content and branded entertainment, and in the ways that submissions are judged.

For example, the definition used by Cannes Lions for their Branded Content & Entertainment category is “the creation of, or natural integration into, original content by a brand.” The Webby Awards definition for their Branded Content category, however, is: “Short films, commercials and video that premiered on the Internet and promote brands, products, or services for commercial purposes i.e. advertising.”

The Cannes Lions definition is interesting because Avi Savar of Big Fuel sees branded content and branded entertainment as having two different definitions that are in essence the two parts of the Cannes Lions definition:

In branded entertainment we are talking about the placement or integration of a product into a format that pre-exists. Branded content on the other hand is the creation of a new format through the eyes of a brand, meaning it’s original programming and the creation of new formats that a brand works with.”

Avi was the president of the inaugural Cannes Lion jury for this category, which Jan was also on, and you can see him being interviewed as part of the 2012 awards below. His distinctions are similar to the ones Jan and I discussed as part of  Best of Branded Content Marketing.

However, in today’s interview, Jan explained that when you try to define these terms, “content” means different things to different people, and so you encounter the same kind of problems posed by asking a question such as “What is art?”

You can read the interview here, and more interviews by Justin on the BOBCM that he curates in partnership with the BCMA.