Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Expert Insight Report

Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Expert Insight Report

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This is the third in our series of features from our first regional version of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM), and was compiled by joint editor and co-author Sandra Freisinger-Heinl:

Who knows the DACH branded content market best? The people who spend all day, every day involved in it! We asked more than 25 German, Swiss and Austrian branded content experts – producers, broadcasters, media and advertising agencies, music, cinema and games businesses, multi-channel networks, platform owners, publishers, brands, lawyers, consultants and creatives – to share their experience and insights with us.

All their feedback is presented in the following pages of this chapter, after this overview of some highlights.

To discover the status quo, we compiled answers to the question: “In what situations do you recommend using branded content?” Key feedback includes:

  • to raise brand awareness
  • to improve brand image and increase brand loyalty
  • to enable unique user experiences
  • for community building
  • to link to an emotive story
  • to engage with your target group
  • to entertain, engage, involve
  • to turn viewers into happy customers
  • to turn customers into fans
  • to communicate product benefits
  • for product launches
  • to build a narrative brand, with a story that fits naturally and is authentic
  • to provide emotive moments, something to laugh about, not interruptive advertising but entertainment
  • for every brand, especially lifestyle and tech
  • as an anchor in brand communication
  • never standalone and only with an activation concept

You can read the full report as part of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) series curated by Justin KirbyCheck out the Slideshare version of the book below, or read more in this series on BOBCM