Through our partnerships, we offer members additional value in the form of significant discounts, priority status and lead generation resulting in new business opportunities.

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association Alf Insight Oficial Data Partner

Official Data Partner

ALF Insight researches the decision makers at the top 6,000 advertisers, along with their 18,000 associated brands, who collectively spend over £11 billion a year on advertising. They link agencies to brands and advertisers to build a complete web of advertising and marketing spend decision makers.

Member benefit: Priority Status

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association Beazley Official Industry Partner

Official Industry Partner

Beazley are a specialist insurer and understand the value of great design which was a key factor in this partnership. They see first-hand the consequences when things go wrong and their products and services are expertly designed to help people and businesses when they most need help.


Member benefit: Bespoke Discounted Policies

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association Ipsos Moria Official Global Reseaerch Partner

Official Global Research Partner


Ipsos MORI is a leading global research company specialising in researching Advertising (brand equity and communications); Loyalty (customer and employee relationship management); Marketing (consumer, retail & shopper and healthcare); MediaCT (media and technology), Social & Political Research and Reputation Research.

As our global research partner we work closely with Ipsos MORI to prove and measure the effectiveness of branded content. The BCMA’s proprietary measurement tool is powered by Ipsos MORI and is an essential tool for all organisations with a need to plan and evaluate branded content campaigns. We are working towards ensuring that we have a globally accepted methodology to measure the effectiveness of branded content activity.

Member benefit: Priority Access and Discounts

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association  OBE Osservatorio Branded Entertainment Official Association Partner

Official Association Partner

Observatory of Branded Entertainment works with national and multinational companies operating in Italy which produce, distribute or commission, directly or indirectly branded entertainment projects.

OBE’s aim is to study the phenomenon and propose optimal solutions to the problems of enterprises that use this type of communication, e.g. effectiveness analysis or dissemination of know-how.

Of international scope, the Observatory aims to be the reference point for all stakeholders in the chain: who commission – investors, national and international companies; those who produce (creative agencies, media companies), those planning (media centres, dealerships), who rule (institutions), who inform (the press, universities, associations, national and international).

Member benefit: Priority Access

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association Demand Exchange Official Lead Generator Partner

Official Lead-Gen Partner

Demand Exchange has been created to remove headaches at different stages of the lead generation process.

Our proprietary technology enables you to distribute content across a network of vertical websites that align to your industry. We help you generate opted-in sales leads in a way that complies with increasingly stringent data legislation.


Member benefit: Five Content Features

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association  TLNT Official Creative Partner

Official Creative Partner

TLNT connects brands and agencies with the largest on-demand creative collaboration community in the world. With over 4 million members including over 1 million creators in 195 countries, their technology and experienced team enables brands and agencies to access original ideas, concepts, and high-quality branded content – quickly, cost-effectively and at-scale. Please email the team at to find out how we can support you.


Member benefit: Significant Discounts

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association Tonic 365 Official Health and Wellness Partner

Official Health & Wellness Partner

Tonic365 help businesses thrive with energetic, engaged and enthusiastic employees. Their team of healthy living experts will help you design and deliver a programme of wellbeing initiatives for your organisation that gets people motivated, and gets results. They help busy people perform at their best every day. Tonic365 is a team of health & wellbeing experts who believe passionately in helping people feel great and perform to the best of their abilities. Tonic365 create healthy, happy individuals living a life of balance.


Member benefit: Discounts