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Branded content is an extremely powerful way to engage with consumers. Major brands continue to invest heavily in branded content and although individual campaigns may have been measured using bespoke research methods there is a requirement to adopt a universally accepted methodology to measure the effectiveness of branded content activity. 

The BCMA / Ipsos MORI measurement tool is an essential tool for brands, agencies, production companies, platforms and media owners for planning and evaluating branded content campaigns.


Proprietary Measurement Tool

"It's usually very hard to retrospectively determine the impact of a campaign when the target audience, like ours, is so difficult to reach. What the BCMA measurement has given us is real insight, not only into whether our target audience liked the campaign or not, but how different elements made them feel towards our brand, and which messages were coming across strongest."

HSBC Group Head of Marketing

Insight & Planning 

BCMA Branded Content Marketing Association Nucco Brain Testamonial

Hilary Taylor

Marketing Strategist

“Working with the BCMA has opened many doors for us as a small agency. From partnerships on events to access to a global community of branded content experts, we couldn’t be happier with our membership. The BCMA staff are always extremely helpful in bringing the network together and carving out new opportunities for our agency." 

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