Bro Cinema’s Love Brands Series #6

Bro Cinema’s Love Brands Series #6

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We’ve teamed up with BCMA members, Bro Cinema, to bring you the Love Brands series, featuring the best examples from their extensive library. Bro are an independent production company based in Lisbon that prides itself on closely collaborating with its clients to create the highest quality content.

This week’s theme is Blow Your Socks Off!

Cobblestone Riders – Fuel TV

Ricardo Marques is the Portuguese who produced a skateboard that fits perfectly into the rails of the electric tramways of the world. The idea came from FCB Lisbon for Fuel TV and was immortalised in an original documentary by BRO Cinema, broadcast exclusively by Fuel TV for 18 million homes all over the globe. More than just a branded content film, ‘Cobblestone Riders: The Documentary’ is a genuine story about Portuguese creativity and the rising of a brand new radical sport. 

“The idea came from an open briefing given by the client (Fuel TV) that wanted something that had a significant impact, showed its presence in Portugal and could be exhibited internationally. On the other side of the table, the insight appeared: what if we created one in a sport, a way of the skates could be used on the slopes of Portugal? Getting out of the traditional advertising environment, provided that this is well done, always brings excellent results. This project is further evidence of this.”  Edson Athayde, CEO/CCO, FCB Lisbon

When Ricardo, the skateboard producer (and also skater, surfer and engineer) was asked about the project:

“When I received the call I was very enthusiastic because I love these types of challenges. They called with the proposal, to film on Monday or Tuesday of the following week, I hardly had time to build and properly test the prototype. On the day of the first recording I was waiting for a guy with a Go Pro and  they appeared in the style of an entire team full of cameras and impressive cinema material, real professionals. I was impressed and surprised because I didn’t realise the magnitude of the project until this moment and I was also a bit  anxious, the skateboard had not been properly tested and I was not sure if it would pass the test.  In the end everything went well and after the first rides, we all realised the success and that we had material to go further.” Ricardo Marques, Inventor, Skateboarder

ARCO Lisboa

In 2017, ARCO, a major international contemporary art fair, decided to stage the event outside its country of origin (Spain) for the first time. It chose Portugal as its venue and BRO Cinema to produce the ‘The art of choice’:

“It was one of the most beautiful projects I had the chance to be part of. The creative director gave me a certain type of freedom that is rare today to find. Only very courageous brands and great creative directors have the ability to trust and deliver to the director the possibility to do something unique. I was really privileged. It was all filmed in Lisbon, what can I say… Lisbon is just magical!”Mario Patrocínio, film director

Red Bull House of Art

Going back to 2011, a web series about some Portuguese artists in artistic residence for ‘The Red Bull House of Art’ in Lisbon. Directed by Pedro and Mario Patrocínio.

The collective of artists ‘Os Espacialistas’
The artist Filipe Felizardo
The artist Ricardo Barbeito
The artists Afonso Freitas de Oliveira and Frederico Brízida

“Creating this series for Red Bull, was a true challenge. A non-commercial arts programme dedicated to create new opportunities for artists and fostering public engagement in arts was something really special, because we had to adapt our narrative documentary style to the process of these artist’s and fit perfectly.” Pedro Patrocinio, director and DOP

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