Branded Content Made in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Branded Content Made in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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We launched our first regional version of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) yesterday, which was kindly hosted by Omnicom Media Group at the dmexco digital marketing exposition and conference in Cologne. The launch bash was covered by WuV who said read it, and you can now see the whole book and download a PDF copy over on Slideshare. The book will be serialised on BO the coming weeks starting with the Preface and Market Report below from joint-editor and co-author Sandra Freisinger-Heinl:

Branded content is a big pool of wonderful ideas and opportunities for businesses. It’s so much more than just another marketing technique – in fact, it’s on its way to becoming a core activity for companies and their brands.

This is the first edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) international ebook series exclusively for, from and about the German, Austrian and Swiss (DACH) region. I’m proud to be the local editor. I’m also thrilled that we now have a guide that sets some standards in this area and serves as a kind of ‘DIY tool’.

The book focuses mainly on branded content made with moving images, as the use of this format continues to rise and offers a variety of ways to connect emotionally with viewers.

All of our contributors shed blood, sweat and tears to develop branded content marketing within the DACH region! So this book is not just a technical guideline. As we provide insights from our daily work with brands and showcase the best examples of our projects, we hope that you will be inspired.

Whenever we present and recommend ways of using branded content in this book, we take a close look at the specifics of the German-speaking market, including legal and research aspects.

There’s still a long way to go. Our intention is to build up a community of experts in this field, to consult with and encourage brands and agencies to use this very effective marketing instrument we call branded content. You can connect with us on LinkedIn – please join the 650+ strong international BOBCM Group moderated by BOBCM’s curator Justin Kirby.

Some Germanic traits – such as organising production well and relying on technologies – will encourage the development of branded content marketing in our region. Some might inhibit it. For example, the desire to have evidence of value or success at any given time might kill off some excellent ideas, and make some brands and agencies cling to the use of traditional media only. We all have to be courageous to use branded content to its full potential in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I personally want to thank the book’s main partner SevenOne AdFactory, an innovative company of broadcaster ProSieben SAT1 Media SE – particularly Petra Kroop who has a detailed knowledge of branded content trends and who supported this book in many ways. Thanks also to Margret Knitter from SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte for looking at the difficult legal areas of branded content marketing in order to increase our understanding. And I am very grateful to all the other dedicated contributors to this book.

Equipped with all the ideas, experience and insights from this book, you can prepare to test the waters. You can dive into the ocean of branded content and use the power of the branded content wave to enrich your business and engage better with your customers. We all love good content – let’s go for it now!

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