Beazley Signs As Official Industry Partner

Beazley Signs As Official Industry Partner

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Leading insurance company, Beazley signs as official industry partner that will give members a tailored insurance solution and beneficial terms.

To help build on the success of the network and to continue to drive growth, the BCMA has agreed a partnership deal with leading specialist insurer Beazley, who become an  ‘Official Industry Partner’ for the organisation.

Beazley provides specialist insurance to commercial clients around the world from small to medium-sized enterprises through to global corporations across multiple sectors. For many years Beazley has been providing insurance protection against risks associated with producing and publishing content for the creative industries. And as content and media has transformed, going increasingly digital, Beazley has adapted its insurance solutions to meet the often complex, evolving risks involved with content-related exposures.

As part of the partnership, Beazley will provide useful insight into the risk landscape facing this industry and offer BCMA members discounted Media Liability insurance cover.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the rapid change in how content is created, delivered and consumed. As an insurer we have adapted to keep pace with our clients’ needs and continue to help them understand and manage their risks as they deliver content both online and through more traditional channels. Building this collaborative partnership with the BCMA is hugely exciting for Beazley and we look forward to working closely with the association as it develops more opportunities for its members.” Claire Templeton, media liability underwriter at Beazley

To access discounted insurance cover from Beazley, BCMA members should contact an insurance broker – don’t forget to let them know you are a BCMA member.

Influencers based in the UK can access Beazley Media Liability insurance by contacting approved specialist influencer cover holder Assured Social

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