BCMA Members Welcome New Definition of Branded Content

BCMA Members Welcome New Definition of Branded Content

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BC DefintionThe BCMA commissioned the Brand Strategy Research Group at Oxford Brookes University and Ipsos MORI to undertake an academic study, Defining Branded Content for the Digital Age that began in 2013. The latest findings have recently been published and include a new definition of branded content from a ‘Managerial Perspective’.

This second phase of the study focused on an empirical in-depth investigation of how industry experts conceptualise the term ‘branded content’. A team of researchers at Oxford Brookes University (Bjoern Asmussen and Serena Wider) and Ipsos MORI (Ross Williams, Neil Stevenson & Elliot Whitehead) conducted telephone interviews with thirty leading experts from a variety of areas in the marketing industry.

Steve Ackerman, Managing Director of leading Content Agency, Somethin’ Else and long standing members of the BCMA and UK Advisory Board member, said: “We believe that having a clear definition for branded content is extremely important for the industry. We fully endorse the BCMA definition as it helps to clarify what branded content is from a managerial perspective.”

Simon Orpin, Founder of Electric Glue, a leading Media Partnership Agency and BCMA UK Advisory Board member, added: “As a BCMA member we rely on clear and useful information that helps us do our job more effectively. This is exactly what the definition of branded content has achieved.”

BCMA Global CEO, Andrew Canter, said: “We are an organisation focused on providing ‘Best Practice’ guidance for our members. If you don’t know what something is you cannot do it brilliantly. This is why we believe that having a clear definition of branded content is so important for the industry.”

Along with the new definition (see above), the report concludes with recommendations for the marketing industry to help organisations harness the power of branded content as a marketing communications concept.

You can download a full copy of the report here.