BCMA Members: Podium – A Virtual Events Solution

BCMA Members: Podium – A Virtual Events Solution

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BCMA Members, Onalytica, an award-winning influencer marketing software platform have launched a new virtual events solution – Podium.

In the last couple of months, the world has gone through unprecedented times that have changed the corporate world as we know it. Businesses have transitioned into remote working and marketing teams across the globe are pulling out from their traditional in-person events, creating a new demand for virtual events that deliver the same immersive experience and results as traditional events.

Now virtual events aren’t a new concept, but they usually take on the format of a webinar, allowing brands to give a live presentation online, but without replicating the immersive sense of theatre, excitement and engagement of a traditional event.

In order to re-create a virtual event experience that can live up to traditional events we need to be able to replicate the ability to: wander & network with other attendees; attend different talks on different streams and engage in interactive dialogue.

Onalytica, ON24The Crocodile and Turtl have partnered up to bring you “Podium“- a Global, Immersive, Virtual Events Solution. Podium serves to pull together best-in-class online event design, influencer marketing and media rich interactive content formats to create an immersive online event experience powered by the ON24 Platform..

What are the benefits of Podium?

  1. To create the next generation of immersive digital event experiences
  2. To replicate the theatre and excitement of physical events
  3. To design rich digital experiences that feel more human
  4. To increase the reach and engagement of events to a much wider audience
  5. To build and sustain audience engagement cycle to 12 weeks (4 weeks pre-event to 8 weeks post-event)
  6. The ability to integrate data to improve personalisation & tailored messaging and better nurture leads

Physical events create spikes of social media engagement, but brands have historically struggled to build and sustain dialogue and engagement pre- and post-event. Integrating internal and external influencers in the promotion of events drives an 8-week audience engagement cycle, improves the quality of events and creates inspiring content assets that can be used in the sales cycle throughout the year.” Tim Williams, CEO, Onalytica