BCMA Members: Graham Hayday Joins Nemorin Creative

BCMA Members: Graham Hayday Joins Nemorin Creative

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BCMA members, Nemorin Creative Film and Video have appointed Graham Hayday as director of content and strategy. Nemorin is a full-service branded video production agency created three years ago by Pete Fergusson, former head of commercial video for the Telegraph Media Group.

We’ve experienced rapid growth since being awarded Native Advertising Studio of The Year 2017-18. Content marketing is evolving with pace. To expand our competitive edge we want to provide world-class content strategy with the intention of delivering maximum ROI for our clients. Graham has worked in branded content for over 10 years and in that time has been responsible for a multitude of innovative, award-winning projects, not least as head of studio at Guardian Labs. He’s at the top of his game and we’re looking forward to creating more award-winning content with him by our side.” Pete Fergusson, Founder & CEO, Nemorin

Graham – who has also worked within Condé Nast’s branded content team – takes up the role with a wealth of experience in his toolkit. He brings knowledge of the whole content marketing ecosystem, from insight and strategy through to idea generation, execution, distribution and measurement.

It’s all about coming up with innovative ideas that are grounded in insight and delivering them brilliantly to provide return of investment for clients. The whole process should be as collaborative as possible and as enjoyable as possible. I’m delighted to be joining Nemorin. Their work is truly outstanding and I’m flattered that they think I can add something to the mix.” Graham Hayday, Director of Content and Strategy, Nemorin

Despite the unquestionable growth in the popularity of branded video content, Graham feels many companies have some catching up to do. As content consumption increasingly shifts to mobile, visual storytelling has become a focus for brands. And rightly so. But many companies still aren’t investing enough in video. That’s largely down to a few misconceptions that persist in some quarters. These include how expensive it is, how complex and time consuming the production process is, and how uncertain return on investment is.

According to Ofcom, people in the UK spend an average of 66-hours per month browsing on their smart phones and they don’t want to read a lot of text. Netflix is now in over nine million homes in the UK; the figure for Amazon is about five million. YouTube has over one billion users worldwide. And then there’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the various on-demand services from broadcasters. Nemorin believe that it’s imperative that brands get to grips with visual storytelling: these platforms’ audiences are hungry for video content, and there’s no reason why brands shouldn’t get involved.

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