BCMA Members: Get Paid On Time

BCMA Members: Get Paid On Time

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Got an Invoice Outstanding that hasn’t been Paid?

You’ve done the work that you agreed to do, you should be paid for it, so surely it is only right that you do get paid…and on time.

Unfortunately however, we operate in a business world where it does not always work out that way. It is a sad fact that some businesses, even the largest names, do not pay their bills on time. This is not on.

Late payment of influencers, broadcasters and agencies alike is a blight to the industry.

Your Solution

The BCMA are pleased to advise that they have now secured to services of Direct Route Collections Limited, a nationally renowned debt collection service provider established for over 20 years that has acted for over 12,000 clients, to provide help and assistance to all members that are encountering payment difficulties.

BCMA Members receive:

  1. A complimentary registration to Direct Route (valued at £200.00 + Vat).
  2. Zero cost debt recovery on all debts up to £3,000.
  3. Subsidised debt recovery of just 2% on debts of greater value (payable upon successful collection only).
  4. Free guidance, advice and support on debt problems.
  5. Access to a range of other credit management services.

To activate this benefit:

Simply contact 01274 223190 quoting your BCMA reference number and ask to speak to either Sam or Justin who will both be pleased to discuss your case requirements and hopefully help with a solution to bring that all-important cash in.

Not a BCMA Member yet?

It might be worth considering joining just to get access to this service if you do have a debt problem.

Please see here for information on how to join the BCMA.

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