BCMA Influence: Life As An Influencer – Tene Edwards

BCMA Influence: Life As An Influencer – Tene Edwards

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Life As An Influencer is a ‘behind the scenes’ view of the often hectic world of influencer marketing. This week we hear from author of Walk With Wings, Tene Edwards – @teneedwards

How did you get started?

I never really had it in mind to become a person of influence, I guess it just kind of happened randomly. It all started on Instagram, I created an anonymous account to document my thoughts and feelings as I felt very misunderstood and incredibly embarrassed about my situation at the time. I just wanted to see whether there were any other people experiencing the same feelings and thoughts as I was, and to my surprise I found that many people were able to resonate with my story.

Who/what has been your biggest influence?

Other people on social media who speak their raw truth. I feel like this is what makes them authentic and I can always resonate with authenticity.

What platform has been most effective for you and why?

Instagram by far. I practically built my brand on this platform and have been able to reach people in countries I have never been to or even heard of before. Instagram has also helped me to find a wide range of opportunities including events, brands to work with, open mics, other influencers and places to perform.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

I am very proud of the messages I receive from a range of different people telling me how much my words have helped them to love themselves again or have aided them in getting through difficult challenges in their lives. It is also one of my greatest joys when I get to work with brands who share the same vision, mission and values as I do and help me to tell my story. As an influencer, I have been very lucky to work with some great brands such as Dailygreatness, Baukjen, Ashanti Kouture and Think Trigg.

Where do you see the industry in 5 years time?

I hope that in 5 years time brands really understand that they can leverage their sales with influencers and that partnerships can be created to create content that is mutually beneficial for the influencer and the brand. Gary Vee, the Social Media Expert said it himself in his recent tweet; “I think influencer marketing is going to have an incredible global era for the next decade, and we’re just at the beginning of it.. Everyday there are brands that go from $0 – $15 million in sales with no overhead or infrastructure on the back of influencers on Instagram. If you’re not working with influencers, you need to be.”

What is the optimum number of subscribers/followers that you can manage?

I remember when my publishers, The Good Quote first began to post my work on their platform of over 18 million followers and my own followers increased drastically. My DM’s were literally ram packed with messages and at the time this stressed me out as I felt responsible to get back to each and everyone about their issues straight away. However, overtime I have learnt how to manage this and normally schedule a day and time frame for answering messages. I am not so interested in the number of followers, for me it’s about how many people I can impact and keep engaged with my content. As long as my followers continue to find value in my work – in terms of the number of subscribers/followers that I feel is manageable – not even the sky is the limit.

If you had one wish what would it be?

Hmm, I have many wishes haha. But, I guess when it comes to my work as a writer and person of influence my main wish is to get to a point where my career feels established so that I can live life completely on my own terms and be recognised as someone that is making a positive contribution to society.

Tene is an accredited BCMA member

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