BCMA Influence: Life As An Influencer – Jonathan MacDonald

BCMA Influence: Life As An Influencer – Jonathan MacDonald

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Life As An Influencer is a ‘behind the scenes’ view of the often hectic world of influencer marketing. This week we hear from Award-Winning Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker & Private Advisor, Jonathan MacDonald – @jmacdonald

How did you get started?

I’ve been speaking around the world and writing books for years, enabling people to expand the way they think. Although I’ve been sceptical of the term ‘thought leader’, I’ve been honoured to be labelled as one, but I guess what I’m really doing is opening up new pathways of thought for people who are curious to understand what they might not already know.

Who/what has been your biggest influence?
Viktor Frankl is my biggest influence in terms of how I think. The search for meaning is something I hold very dear and try and enable others to contemplate. I’m quite influenced by scientific experiments and philosophical texts.
What platform has been most effective for you  and why?
The most effective platform for me has been LinkedIn and my own CRM database in terms of engagement, but Twitter in terms of mass reach. I’m less concerned about volume of followers and more interested in being connected to the people that count. My LinkedIn address book spans over 7500 senior execs from all over the world and that’s proved to be a really valuable asset.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

My latest book, Powered By Change became a Sunday Times Bestseller and went to Number 1 in the Amazon charts. I was really chuffed with that as my previous 4 books didn’t do so well (although I’m still super proud of them!).
Where do you see the industry in 5 years time?
I think we’ll have less delay times, more immediacy and way more transparency. I’m a fan of truth and trust so anything that enables that to shine through would hopefully be more apparent. I’m also a fan of filtering noise from signal, so hopefully, the industry will be more filtered in the future.
What is the optimum number of subscribers/followers that you can manage?
I think it’s mainly down to the quality rather than quantity. I’m not sure there’s an optimum number to be honest.
If you had one wish what would it be?
I wish that we would spend as much time seeking meaning and observing our inner journey, as we do seeking stimulation from the outside.

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