BCMA Influence: Life As An Influencer – Alexandra Galviz (Authentic Alex)

BCMA Influence: Life As An Influencer – Alexandra Galviz (Authentic Alex)

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Life As An Influencer is a ‘behind the scenes’ view of the often hectic world of influencer marketing. This week we hear from Alexandra Galviz, AKA Authentic Alex, coach, speaker, consultant and voted LinkedIn Top Voice UK 2017 & 2018 – https://www.linkedin.com/in/authenticalex/

How did you get started ?

It all began as a hobby around creating content on LinkedIn for students, graduates and young professionals. There was no commercial intention but to give back and be the person I never had. Coming from humble beginnings I didn’t have a role model in the business world let alone someone that was relatable and from an underprivileged demographic. Through my articles/blogs on LinkedIn I shared how I climbed my way up the corporate ladder, what I wish I’d known when I was a student entering the world of work and what I did that was successful that students didn’t tend to do.

Who/what has been your biggest influence ?

When I initially started I was influenced by Daniel Roth and Maya Pope Chappell, both employees of LinkedIn in the editorial team. I enjoyed their content and appreciated the encouragement to write on the platform. After moving away from the graduate content and knowing I wanted to build my personal brand, I was influenced a lot my Dr Natalia W and Michaela Alexis, two female powerhouses on LinkedIn and in the Personal Branding space. I looked very closely at what they were doing, how they were doing it…etc. They were brilliant role models, I especially love the vulnerability and authenticity that Michaela bought to the platform and I loved Natalia’s business side of her content.

What platform has been most effective for you  and why ?

LinkedIn naturally. It’s changed hugely in the last few years which a lot of people still aren’t getting! It’s no longer a place where you put your CV up and hope to get recruited, it’s all about content, community and branding now. It has every single feature all the other social media platforms have, the only difference is the audience is corporate professionals mainly.

There’s also still a huge amount of organic reach on LinkedIn, something you don’t see on any of the other platforms anymore as most of the time you have to pay. That’s not the case on LinkedIn as it transforms itself from recruitment platform to a professional social media platform, but remember those things don’t last forever!

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

I would definitely say being a LinkedIn Top Voice in the UK for the past two years. To know that your content out of 25 million UK users ranks in the top 25 people is great but what’s more amazing is that achieving that has come off the back of being my most vulnerable, open and authentic version of myself. That millions of people have read my content on some of the most important and stigmatised topics like: depression, therapy, bullying, miscarriage…etc. It’s not about the accolade in the end, it’s about the impact.

Where do you see the industry in 5 years time ?

I’m very excited to see where LinkedIn ends up being in 5 years time. There’s so much it’s done in the past 5 years and there’s so much to still be done! I’m curious to see where they decide to take it and what they decide to focus on. I hope that in 5 years times business understand that they can leverage these users with big followings and partnerships can be created to create content that’s mutually beneficial for the influencer and the business.

What is the optimum number of subscribers/followers that you can manage ?

I’m currently at about 35,000 and it’s already a struggle! I just don’t like the idea of anything automated or handing that over to someone else to do. It just doesn’t fit with my brand around authenticity and engaging with my audience in an authentic way.

If you had one wish what would it be?

That LinkedIn start to invest in the development of the growth of influencers on the platform in the same way YouTube pays their influencers for their content and in the way that they create VidSummit, I definitely think that there’s an opportunity for them to replicate something similar, whether that’s the strategy and direction they’re going in, who knows?

Alex is an accredited BCMA member