BCMA Chapters: Candid Chats – BCMA Canada

BCMA Chapters: Candid Chats – BCMA Canada

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BCMA Canada introduces Candid Chats – a new series where they speak to members of the BCMA about concerns, topics and issues that we are all thinking about.

Expect honest opinions, pointed questions, expert recommendations and, maybe some fun virtual backgrounds while we are all social distancing. We invite you to join along in the discussion and share your thoughts, questions, and tell us about the topics you’d like to discuss in the future.

Episode 1

In episode 1 we have Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, Rebecca Herr, Lesley Breeze, and Haem Roy talk about the one thing that is a part of all our lives right now – COVID-19 and how it impacts our industries.

Episode 2

In episode 2 we talk about how we can innovate when production across the world has come to a halt. Rebecca and Haem talk to Jessica Benchemam and Anna Wasylenki from Alibi Content on how they are getting creative during crisis.