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Influencer / Content Creator 249 EUR

Individual €1,250.00 EUR
Small (2 - 49 employees) €2,495.00 EUR

Large (50 + employees) €3,495.00 EUR


The Branded Content Marketing Association for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (BCMA DACH) aims to promote the creation and production of highlight content by brands from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More and more brands are themselves becoming producers and important players in the content industry.
The (founding) members of BCMA DACH are leaders in many areas of branded content, such as broadcasting, film production, media, video games, legal, market research and virtual reality. They form a sustainable competence network for Branded Content in the German-speaking world.

BCMA DACH Chairman Sandra Freisinger-Heinl Branded Content Marketing Association


BCMA DACH Chairman 

MD Branded Entertainment & Content

MA Media Munich

  • Sandra has specialiSed in 360-degree concepts that emotionally enhance brands & promote sales. With customized branded content, she has been conveying the messages of brands and companies in an entertaining and informative way for over 20 years, especially in the digital sector and social media.

  • Passionate about the branded content industry Sandra does everything in her power to promote the growth of the branded content industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through success stories and the exchange of knowledge among BCMA members on an international level.

  • An international business studies degree, a journalistic education and more than 15 years of experience in the field of communication are her foundation to effectively advise brands in the branded content area in terms of economy and content.

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