5 Great Strategies To Keep Fit And Energised While Working At Home

5 Great Strategies To Keep Fit And Energised While Working At Home

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By Gordon Glenister – Global Head of Influencer Marketing, BCMA

I chaired  an online webinar recently with a group of individuals from the influencer marketing and branded content industry and interested to hear their take on how people are coping by working at home and what they are doing to keep themselves fit and motivated.

For those that have worked from home, not much has changed but people will have faced new challenges including having to balance work and home life, this is particularly so in relation to home schooling. Add to that in some instances people facing an uncertain future with diminishing work or simply no wor at all. Our bodies are like cars, they eventually breakdown if we don’t look after them.

So here are 5 strategies you can implement really easily that will make a profound difference:

  1. Regular Daily Exercise 

With more online tutorials now available there is no excuse for not doing anything so why not break up the week with different types of exercise so that nothing becomes monotonous, so maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday you do a 40 minute routine, Tuesday and Thursday you go for a walk. Or if you have a home exercise bike then listen to motivational tapes or energetic music. Make sure you take regular breaks away from the laptop. Too much concentration in front of a laptop or PC is bad for your vision.  Remember just because your neighbours train and workout in the evening you don’t have to, as long as it works for you and that’s the key point find what works for you.

  1. Sleep Well And Get Your Posture Straight

Jeff Archer, Director of corporate wellness company Tonic365, BCMA strategic partner and author of Coach Your Own Life says…

When it comes to living a healthy life, don’t worry about changing too many things at once but instead focus on embedding good habits one by one.  Prioritise one thing for 3-5 days and move onto the next one. Start with an alarm to regularly check your posture, sit up straight, stretch, breath and refocus.  Then work on good hydration – a crucial factor in maintaining energy and focus. Practice taking breaks every 90 minutes to clear your head and make sure you’re spending time on the most important tasks each day. Next give some thought to the sleep schedule that works best for you, plan your ideal bedtime and wake up time and design and follow a pre-sleep routine that guarantees you can unwind and have a quality night of rest and recovery. Tackle healthy habits one by one and very soon you’ll be living your best life on autopilot.”

  1. Eat Well

A good nutritious diet is very important. Many people are drinking more because they cant go to their regular drinking hole and the problem is that this can soon be habitual. When you are working long hours, its important that you stay hydrated  A good idea is to plan out the weeks food and have fun experimenting with different foods. They’re are lots of youtubers and instagrammers now promoting themselves, one is Rob Eades who has done a number of great dishes for those managing on a budget.

Rob has also combined his love of cooking with fitness and has been a huge hit with his regular workouts on IGTV. Try and avoid snacking but absolutely do have treats its important that the mind is rewarded for “good behaviour”.

  1. Make Lists And Focus On What’s Important 

When people are under stress it can be of course  for a number of reasons. Ever thought to yourself how am I going to get all this done on time, it seems you can’t see the ‘wood from the trees’ so STOP get your pad out or online planner and write down what you need to do and by when. By prioritising and laying it out on paper actually makes it easier to focus. We all have a ‘Circle of Genius’, find yours and focus on what you love and delegate what you don’t want to do. I don’t like designing things but I know others that are super great at this, and platforms like Fiverr have loads of help. Write one thing down that has been your biggest achievement – it could be getting a zoom call with a top prospect – don’t forget even on bad days we still succeed but we don’t ‘pat ourselves on the back’. This will keep you motivated. One thing you can also do is prepare the ‘list of tasks’ for the day ahead, the night before.

  1. Value Your Time And Ringfence It 

Fab Giovanetti entrepreneur, influencer and author of Creative Impact magazine says…

You should find your most productive time and protect it with your own life. Make sure the first 60 to 90 minutes of your day are dedicated to your most important tasks. The thought of making too many decisions in the morning will slow you down and drain your brain for the rest of the day. Subscribe to the concept that an AM routine can start in the PM: Pick your outfit. Roll out that yoga mat. Make sure you add movement, a proper lunch break (and lunchtime activity that suits you best) and avoid the temptation of filling your day with work activities. Embrace the new norm.”


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