The Culture of Proximity – A Viacom Velocity Study

The Culture of Proximity – A Viacom Velocity Study

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A Groundbreaking New Study From Viacom Velocity

We are living in a rapidly changing world of communications, that has significantly shifted the dynamics of pop culture. Perhaps what’s more interesting though are the new relationships it’s created, between audience, publisher and brand.

This was the backdrop to The Culture of Proximity study undertaken by BCMA members, Viacom Velocity – home of iconic pop culture media brand MTV. They set out to better understand the fundamental audience attitudes underpinning this shift. Their key objective was to enable them to apply the learnings to their brand and branded content strategies.

“I Want My MTV” – the iconic MTV campaign from the 80’s, eschewing audiences to go and demand MTV from their cable operator. This was the embodiment of top down mass culture; we understood it, we controlled it.

But the landscape has dramatically changed, and with it the ways audience, publishers and brands interact around culture today. So Viacom Velocity set out to get under the skin of these new cultural dynamics, by speaking to over 8,000 people, across 10 countries and 3 generations.

These were the results…

Pop culture has and continues to undergo seismic shifts. The results from the Viacom Velocity study show that we should instead talk of a proximity culture. Where the notion of proximity has been redefined, from physical to shared and that influence can now come from anywhere or anything – at an incredible speed.

They believe that brands have a huge opportunity to participate in this meritocratic cultural conversation, but to do so, they need to understand the cultural dynamics, above all, understand their audience.

We’ve moved beyond the digital natives label often given to Millenials. The generation after them is the first generation raised in this Culture of Proximity.

You could say they’re ‘Proximity Natives’.

Documentary Film: Culture of Proximity – A Viacom Velocity Study (Part 1)

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