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Content Monitor – a branded content evaluation system:

We’re living in an age of accountability, and recent austerity has forced the pace. We’re also living in an age of media channel proliferation which has led to stiff competition for advertising revenue. Channels seeking consideration by potential advertisers will have to underpin their claimed contributions or they will perish. The BCMA’s initiative puts branded content firmly in the frame.
Director of Media & Advertising, ISBA

The BCMA is constantly striving to provide fresh research and insight into the field of branded content. With the recent launch of the Content Monitor, members are entitled to a significant discount on research projects and in-depth access to case studies. The Content Monitor system is an essential tool for media agencies, creative agencies, PR agencies, production companies and media owners for planning and evaluating branded content campaigns.

It gives marketers an in-depth insight into:

  • How your branded content campaign is performing against key brand metrics, allowing you to determine the ROI
  • Which elements of the campaign are performing the most strongly in meeting the campaign objectives
  • What you could do differently to support the campaign more strongly to optimise its ROI

The Content Monitor has been developed by the BCMA with our global research partner Ipsos MORI and is modular in its approach, making it suitable for all sizes of campaign.”

Download a copy of the BCMA Standard Chartered and BBC Case Study that used the Content Monitor tool to evaluate success. You can also read the Branded Content: Measuring Success article by the BCMA’s CEO Andrew Canter that discuss the research methodology behind the Content Monitor tool.