Prada Releases Short Movie With An Unexpected Twist

Prada Releases Short Movie With An Unexpected Twist

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Italian luxury brand Prada has released a short movie directed by Roman
Polanski, starring Helena Bonham-Carter and Ben Kingsley.

The three and a half minute short, called ‘A Therapy’, has a rather unexpected

It starts with Helena Bonham-Carter in a therapy session with her psychoanalyst
Ben Kingsley. As Bonham-Carter explains her dream, Kingsley is mesmerised by
her coat which hangs on the coat stand.

Kingsley, distracted, puts his glasses, pen and notebook down; stops listening
to Bonham-Carter (though she still carries on talking); and tries on her coat

It ends with the tagline…“Prada is for Everyone”

How very Prada!

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