New Global Tech Platform For Travel & Lifestyle

New Global Tech Platform For Travel & Lifestyle

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An exciting new global tech platform called Travlrr focused on Travel & Lifestyle

Collaboration has emerged as a critical element of business. We have witnessed this through the continued success of the crowdfunding and crowdsourcing businesses. Now there is a new player in the market – Travllr.

Founded by BCMA UK Advisory Board member, Darren Khan, Travlrr is claimed to be the world’s only premium curated content creation platform exclusively for the Travel and Lifestyle sector. Darren has been at the forefront of the platform creation marketplace and more recently working closely with clients, agencies, publishers and media owners to solve all the challenges faced when using various content creation platforms.

He believes their new approach, model and opportunity will compliment and help them scale their requirements to create the volume of content now required to connect with their consumers across the ever increasing number of marketing channels.

Travlrr is the world’s only curated content creation platform for the Travel and Lifestyle sector. Every one of our creatives has been specially selected, and their work scrutinised, to ensure they match our exceptionally high standards. Darren has spent the last 8 months curating a marketplace of some of the very best production companies, photographers, self-shooters, specialists and influencers across the world. This will evolve as they grow to ensure they are offering their customers a premium global solution to scaling their content requirements.

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