The BCMA strives to promote and grow the branded content market to the wider audience. Launched on October 2nd, 2003 the BCMA is now an international body with members throughout Europe, Australasia and the US.

The BCMA is designed to bring together and benefit a broad spectrum of content creators and owners including organisations from the advertising, brand development, sponsorship, media, broadcasting, programming and entertainment industries.

Download the BCMA Membership Pack 2016 – BCMA Membership Pack 2016

Benefits for advertisers and brands

  • Access to the case study library and exclusive case studies of branded content
  • Market data relating to branded content
  • How to guides
  • Glossary of terms
  • Access to the latest branded content research
  • Networking with other branded content international professionals
  • BCMA accreditation and use of logo on documentation

Benefits to content creators, producers, and distributors

  • Market data relating to branded content
  • Access to advertisers and their agencies
  • Access to latest branded content developments and best practice
  • Access to market data relating to branded content
  • Access to the latest branded content research
  • BCMA accreditation and use of logo on documentation

Benefits to agencies and the advertising community

  • Access to our exclusive case study library of branded content
  • Market data related to branded content
  • Access to branded content focused producers
  • Access to latest branded content developments and best practice
  • Association with the loudest branded content voice in the media
  • To promote the adoption of branded content as a potent form of marketing
  • To share information about the market, the challenges, the regulations, best practices, key developments and industry standards
  • To promote innovations, research, creative discussion and develop new partnerships and business opportunities
  • To facilitate participation at all relevant international trade events, to actively represent all branded content disciplines and to lobby necessary key issues concerned with branded content
  • BCMA accreditation and use of logo on documentation

Quotes from Members:

Initially, I was drawn to the BCMA because I wanted to join a more focused group that was helping move the industry forward rather than simply representing the status quo of current thinking and practice. At the same time, unlike most other associations they’re a global group of fellow practitioners run by practitioners. This difference makes the BCMA more lean and agile, so that new ideas about how to educate the market can be agreed and acted upon more swiftly. For example, the BCMA not only agreed to support the Best of Branded Content Marketing ebook I proposed, but also helped solicit contributions from industry thought leaders and award winning branded content creators from around the globe. This would have been impossible without their help and championship. Their collaborative ethos also extends to working with other marketing associations and international conference organisers, which helps spread the word as well as finding their members opportunities for thought leadership and to show case their work. For me they are less of a marketing association, or even think tank, but more of an industry ‘do tank’.

Justin Kirby, VP, Strategic Content Marketing, Tenthwave

Branded Content has been a long time coming but having a space where the early insights and learnings are shared with the other content innovators is vital for us and our clients.

Martin Delamere, Head of Strategy, Bray Leino

 Joining the BCMA has given me greater insight into what other organisations are doing in this space. It has also made it easier for me to stay abreast of the latest technologies available for dissemination and measurement of Branded Content. There is no other central database for this kind of information and in an industry moving as quickly as ours, any assistance in maintaining the pace is greatly beneficial. Becoming a member has also legitimised my experience and expertise in Branded Content and my commitment to this field, which is useful professionally.

Roslyn Shaw, Founder, The Alpha Grid

 The BCMA has played a vital role to ensure that the emergent media of brand content had a coordinated voice from the outset. Andrew and Alison’s personal and professional commitment to the task has been extraordinary; the sector is now recognised for its importance in the modern media mix.

Sarah Farrugia, Founder, SF & Company