Celebrating The Best of Brand Video

The BRAVES are the Brand Video Awards, the only award ceremony to recognise and reward the use of video by brands. Many other awards ceremonies pay lip-service to the use of video across platforms by brands, but only the BRAVES is dedicated to celebrating the very best of brand involvement in video.


From the earliest days of video creation, brands have set the agenda for the medium. Soap operas were created to provide entertaining advert breaks to let FMCG companies sell soap. In the 21st century the communion of brand and video reaches across all platforms: TV, online, mobile, cinema, out of home and even print. Any environment that can show video, shows brand: initiated, created, sponsored, influenced, mashed, mixed or funded content. It is in this video rich world that we launch the BRAVES, the first awards solely dedicated to recognising and rewarding the excellence of brands in video. The Brave Awards

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