Bro Cinema’s Love Brands Series #7

Bro Cinema’s Love Brands Series #7

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We’ve teamed up with BCMA members, Bro Cinema, to bring you the Love Brands series, featuring the best examples from their extensive library. Bro are an independent production company based in Lisbon that prides itself on closely collaborating with its clients to create the highest quality content.

This week’s theme is On The Move!

Vodafone: Rally

In 2017, Vodafone´s mobile network was considered the best in Portugal. JWT Lisbon created a campaign to prove it and BRO Cinema produced the branded content film, which shows a test made in real time with rally’s Portuguese professionals:

“This is one of those films that was only made possible due to the effort of each and every department involved in the process, from production to logistics and security, we had 1 day to shoot it perfectly.  The engagement of the director Mário Patrocinio with the producer Filipe Fiscal with the camera/grip department was insane, we had to set up 3 cameras to shoot almost at the same time, one with red Dragon that was on a Buggy Can Am tracking vehicle 4×4 it was the camera for the action, then we have a phantom flex just for the details and for the slow motions , another Red Dragon for the drone that had the mission to film the car from above, and more 5 Go Pro’s for our characters inside the car and others details. So in total, we had 8 cameras with all types of rigs. This project was undoubtedly one of the most captivating challenges I have had in my career. Thanks to everyone who believed and made it happen.” Pedro Patrocínio, director of photography.

Behind The Scenes

Production – Bro Cinema Film Vodafone Rally Buggy Can Am tracking vehicle 1000ccAutomatic, 85HP / 100 kmh, four seaters with seatbelts, equipped with air suspension possible to use jib arm post rig ,steadicam hard-mounts etc .Video edited by Tiago Milheiro weALLdeserveMORE

Slået op af Camerandar Rigging and camera cars i Onsdag den 23. august 2017

“The results couldn’t be better” Paulo Rossas, head of social media at JWT Lisbon.

TAP: Stopover

A couple of years ago, TAP – a Portuguese airline – created a programme called ‘Stopover’, in which clients travelling between continents, have the opportunity to stop in Portugal for up to five days without any extra costs. 

FULLSIX is the agency who created the campaign ‘Discover Portugal on the way’ and, in partnership with BRO Cinema, made customised travel itineraries to show the best of Portugal in a short time. The results are amazing touristic guides of this beautiful country.

TAP Stopover 24 hours: 

TAP Stopover 48 hours: 

TAP Stopover 72 hours: 

TAP Stopover Highlights: 

“The TAP STOPOVER assignment was a real challenge. One of those challenges that you feel since day one that you are going to end up exceeding expectations but that requires a lot of hard work, strategy, endurance and above all creativity. We spent two weeks on the road in close collaboration with Mafalda Quintela, at the time, FULLSIX agency’s creative director, to put together three ambitious films where you could experience Portugal’s touristic diversity. The first challenge came with the need of a highly curated process of selecting locations, casting and make it all fit on the scale of the project. By working together we managed to develop scripts that came from real situations and experiences which were our guide throughout filming all over the country. The soundtrack of the films was originally composed for the TAP STOPOVER campaign by the musician Frankie Chavez, who is one of the main faces of Portugal’s music scene, known for his use of the traditional fado instrument, guitarra portuguesa, with a new approach. This was perfect for the concept we showed in the films, a mix between Portugal’s heritage and the most hot and trendy places at the same time.”André Braz, director.

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