Bro Cinema’s Love Brands Series #5

Bro Cinema’s Love Brands Series #5

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We’ve teamed up with BCMA members, Bro Cinema, to bring you the Love Brands series, featuring the best examples from their extensive library. Bro are an independent production company based in Lisbon that prides itself on closely collaborating with its clients to create the highest quality content.

This week’s theme is Courage & Bravery

Bepanthene. 10th month.

Bepanthene is a world renowned pomade for skin care. Simão Cayatte, BRO Cinema’s director, visited different mothers to ask THEM about their journey to the ’10th Month’ of baby care.

The branded content was produced in 2015 to announce Bepanthene´s platform that aims to support, advise, clarify and respond to all possible questions of those who are in the postpartum period, in the physical, psychological and relational aspects.

“This project was unusually emotional for me because my wife was pregnant at the time. I had the privilege of listening and capturing these first-hand stories about the challenges and struggles of motherhood, and parenthood with the knowledge that my own child was a about to be born. I think this put things in perspective for me, not just as a filmmaker but also as a future parent. It was an eye-opener about what was to come, and about how much respect mothers deserve — especially in those first few months of a baby’s life. I was particularly pleased that I had the chance to shoot this at that time of my life. It was eye-opening and enriching.

The main difference for me is that with branded content, much like with documentaries, you have to be ready to accept reality as it is. Your job as a director is not to extract a performance from an actor. Instead, your job focuses much more on making the subject (in this case a young mother) feel as comfortable as possible in sharing her experience and opening up with you. Granted, you have to be able and ready to guide the person towards certain answers, towards particular emotional states, so naturally there is still some ‘directing’ at work. But it’s a far more subtle matter and you’re ‘playing field’ is more limited in many ways. On the other hand, the pleasure of listening to real stories and capturing ‘reality’ is hugely gratifying. I very much enjoyed the process. 

One of the most special moments of the shoot was when our young mother opened up about the hardest parts of her day and suddenly erupted into tears. It’s incredible how much people will tell you if you are willing to just listen.” Simão Cayatte, Director

BPI. Capacitate with Daniel and Susana

The Portuguese Bank BPI has an initiative called ‘Capacitate’ to support projects that promote the social integration of people with disabilities.

This branded content tells the stories of Daniel, who is 26 years old and always wanted to be a pilot, but two years ago had an accident in the snow that left him a paraplegic, which did not keep him away from the dream of flying.

Susana, who is a masseur and, despite being blind at age 5, is totally independent and has never let disability impair her life.

BRO Cinema was responsible for the production, with Mario Patrocínio as the director and the creativity from the agency Partners.

“Being able to meet inspiring human beings is always a great privilege. In my life I have always been embraced by such luck. I hope this continues. These projects are very special and we look different and better when we finish them.” Mario Patrocinio, Director