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Be Inspired Series

The BCMA ‘Be Inspired Series’ showcases the best of branded content from around the globe. The campaigns featured in our latest show reel include recent ‘Gold’ winners from the Cannes Lions, i.e. Chipotle and Samsung.

The reel includes the following brands:-

The incredible ‘Volvo Splits’ featuring Jean Claude Van Damme, Nike’s ‘The Last Game’, M&S Collection ‘Best of British’, Chipotle ‘Scarecrow’ game for tablet and mobile device developed to tackle the issue of processed food, Chivas ‘Mashtun’ parlour games app for grown-ups dinner parties, Unilever’s Surf bespoke content created featuring Joey from TOWIE, Boost Mobile (Australia) ‘How to Stay Alive’ zombie movies, Sony Xperia Z v The Northern Lights ‘Making the Colour of Sound’ and finally that selfie from the Oscars brought to you by Samsung (it didn’t happen by accident!)

Thank you to all of the inspirational people and brands that made this possible.

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