BCMA South Africa

sheila_macgillivrayChairman: Sheila McGillivray
Sheila McGillivray, is the Tribe Leader at One Lady and a Tribe Advertising, who singlehandedly put South Africa’s very first live TV commercial, Hyperama Price Busters, on air, and who, with a passionate team working with her, has built the Centrum Guardian branded content campaign into the award-winner it has become.

The Guardians are the courageous folk who work for South Africa’s Emergency Services – the paramedics, firemen and national sea rescuers – and together with the multivitamin brand Centrum, One Lady & a Tribe have made it possible to dedicate a TV series and award-winning campaign to them.

Sheila’s knowledge of the advertising industry spans four decades. And, it’s the years between then from JWT London, TBWA, Grey, McCann De Villiers to Saatchi Saatchi X and now that have provided Sheila with an intimate knowledge of the communications industry….her passion is Cause Marketing – doing good and doing good business.