BCMA Partners with Brand Film Festival

BCMA Partners with Brand Film Festival

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The Brand Film Festival made its debut in New York 2016, celebrating the best of brand storytelling throughout America. As a result of the festival’s incredible success, industry leading brands PRWeek and Campaign are introducing the festival to London.

As it becomes harder to reach audiences through traditional media, innovative brands are transforming the marketing business with the use of brand films. A branded content film begins with an exceptional collaboration with a filmmaker with the ambition to deliver a visually powerful story that subtly delivers a brands message.

Brand Film Festival London will showcase the best of Europe’s branded content films, from short-form videos of a few seconds to long-form documentaries. The festival will not only honour the agencies, brands, filmmakers and story tellers behind the films, it will also provide educational seminars and workshops providing expert insights into the growing industry of new advertising.


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