BCMA Partners: Digital Content Summit

BCMA Partners: Digital Content Summit

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We are delighted to continue our partnership with the Digital Content Summit. Taking place in London at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel on the 15th May 2018, the Digital Content Summit is a must-attend event for all senior professionals interested in publishing, content development, social media, digital, marketing, innovation, creative and brand management.

Delivering the right content in the right way

Digital content has moved on. Audiences are increasingly savvy about ‘advertorials’, or branded content that’s subtly selling stuff, so brands need to get smarter. The key is personalisation – making the content genuinely useful or interesting to that small audience segment. It needs to be exactly what they want, delivered in exactly the way they want it.

The way people consume content changes at an incredible rate. The time of day, the type of device, the format of the content (video vs text), the platform (social media, eBook, YouTube), the consumer’s demographic – these all contribute to how it should be designed. With the rise of new technologies comes the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by doing something new, and that means a change in design.

Virtual Reality content has started to creep into mainstream, now, and there’s a clearer idea of what can be done with it but there’s still plenty to explore. Machine learning and AI allow better data segmentation and automated responses, with the rise of bots and botchat as a content and brand loyalty tool. Voice is making a revamped comeback, thanks to Alexa and Siri, with issues around content ownership and brand recognition inherent in how that content is consumed.

5 key takeaways you will leave with:

Managing real-time marketing campaigns to improve impact and engagement

Creating VR content effectively, at the right time and in the right way

Using content beyond the point of sale to encourage brand loyalty

Preparing for the impact of data privacy regulations on marketing operations

Identifying the right metrics to measure your content’s success

You can discover the Agenda here

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