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The Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) has launched into South America, opening BCMA Brazil.

BCMA Brazil will champion the cause of branded content in this rapidly expanding market. This is an important development for the BCMA in helping brands and agencies harness the power of content and capitalise on the significant growth of branded content in the South American market.

BCMA Brazil will be spearheaded by Patrícia Weiss, Chief Strategy Officer of the Wanted Agency and Branded Content & Transmedia Storytelling Consultant who have been responsible for a number of high profile branded content campaigns. They will work alongside leading practitioners and like-minded professionals who are passionate about building on the success of recent branded content campaigns in the region.

Andrew Canter, CEO of the BCMA said: This is an extremely exciting and timely development for the BCMA as Brazil will be in the spotlight for the next two to three years. We will transport our best practice and shared learning model from other markets to benefit brands and agencies looking to harness the power of branded content.

Patrícia Weiss, Chairman & Founding Member of BCMA Brazil said: I am honored to lead the expansion of BCMA in South America from Brazil and be part of this group of experienced players deeply committed to the evolution of Branded Content in the world. It is the culmination of an 11-year journey in developing the powerful intersection of Marketing, Entertainment and Advertising, where Branded Content is a powerful and efficient tool and it should – no matter which format or platform – involve, connect and engage the audience because people are naturally voracious for stories, they have a unique ability to seize and rivet our attention rather than being interrupted by intrusive messages, stories that tell the truth of the Brand with great relevance to people. The recognition of Brazilian creativity in Advertising is experiencing a critical period of development in its ability to tell stories through Branded Content initiatives.

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