BCMA Celebrates Fifteen Year Anniversary

BCMA Celebrates Fifteen Year Anniversary

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We are moving towards a world where brands think ‘Content First’. This is why branded content has become and will continue to be the dominant marketing discipline of the 21st century.

Fifteen years ago (25th July 2003), in London’s Soho, a group of like-minded visionary individuals decided to form a group that would bring together the production and advertising communities. As the ‘networking’ group developed and grew, it became apparent that there was a growing desire for brands to converse with producers to create entertaining and engaging branded content for marketing purposes. The Branded Content Marketing Association or BCMA was born.

These pioneering, leading executives from creative agencies and media owners soon realised that this was an excellent place to meet prospective clients and attract more business. Regular events took place to discuss the key issues surrounding branded content. In the early days, the BCMA aimed to drive development in the branded content market by facilitating the standardisation of creative and commercial formats necessary to create a vibrant branded content market.

It undertook research into new measurement and valuation techniques required to support the branded content marketplace and led the negotiations with regulators and industry bodies to clarify the role of branded content in the broader communications mix.

The BCMA has always been seen as a progressive organisation run by entrepreneurial individuals who are passionate about branded content. It has gained tremendous credibility amongst industry peers and since its inception has made enormous advancements for the branded content industry. The BCMA’s mission has always been to ‘Promote the Value of Branded Content’ to the global marketing industry. It offers members a unique global perspective on best practice techniques and commissions critical research to help grow the branded content market.

In addition to the UK, in 2018 the BCMA is present under Chapter agreements in fourteen markets including the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, India, Middle East North Africa, Russia, Scandinavia, South Africa, South America and Spain. It has plans to expand into the APAC regions over the next twelve to eighteen months.

The BCMA is proud of its achievements over the past fifteen years and is excited about the future for branded content, which is becoming an increasingly important element of the marketing communications solution.

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